• Radiofrequency Microneedling

    What is Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling and should I get it? RF Microneedling is ideal for skin lifting, tightening, rejuvenation, pore reduction...

    What is Laser Genesis and how does it work? Laser Genesis is brilliant for promoting glowing, vibrant, healthy looking skin. This technology uses l...
  • About that permanent rosacea blush

    Reasons for redness and how to reduce it Do you feel like you’re constantly red in the face, unsure of why or how to make it go away? Well, we migh...
  • Stubborn Pigmentation and Melasma

    Combating photodamage and skin discolouration  Pigmentation and melasma can be a common source of frustration and this skin discolouration is often...
  • Ironing out the signs of ageing

    Almost as good as a time machine. Although we don’t possess the magic to facilitate immediate age reversal we do possess an almost magic serum to d...
  • An effortless skincare routine

    Three things you can do daily to improve the quality of your skin 1. Drink water Water is essential for health and life. It comprises 45-75% of tot...
  • Fall is here, don’t let your skin drop with it

    Keep hydrated this winter The nights are getting cooler and long sleeves are gradually making their way back into our wardrobes. The summer has pas...
  • I spy with my sunken eye

    We love recommending Eye Doctor by Cosmedix Elite to those who are self-conscious about the appearance of thinning skin around their eyes.
  • Delicious Vitamin C and how it can benefit your skin

    Most people are aware that certain food groups and fruits contain Vitamin C. What is less well known is its powerful effects when incorporated into skin care products and applied topically to the face.
  • White dresses and sparkling rings

    Due to the variability of skin quality and sensitivity we would like to recommend the most suitable Melanin Inhibitor for you before you begin incorporating any new products into your skin routine


  • Medi Peels, serums and that effervescent glow

    Our skin has to put up with a lot including the effects of UV rays, stress, smoking, alcohol and hormonal changes on a daily basis. Combined these factors visibly damage the epidermis of the face. 
  • HIFU Ultraformer III Skin Tightening

    The HIFU Ultraformer III is currently receiving an enormous amount of attention in the cosmetic and skin arena and here is why