Vascular Lesions

vascular lesions and broken capillaries

Broken Capillaries

Broken Capillaries are damaged capillaries visible at the surface of the skin. They most frequently occur on the lateral aspect of the nose, on the cheeks and skin overlying the chin but can appear anywhere on the body. Although delicate, they can become a common source of aesthetic discontent as they make the skin appear more red and inflamed. 

Limelight and Nd:Yag can be used to penetrate the skin and target superficial veins and diffuse redness to restore a more balanced complexion and even colour to your skin. 


Broken Veins

Both women and men are susceptible to fine facial spider veins and thread like veins affecting the legs. This can lower self-esteem and confidence. 

The Nd: Yag can effectively target veins and diminish their appearance without painful, invasive injections. The Nd:Yag uses a unique design including an extended wavelength making it more safe and successful in the treatment of delicate superficial facial veins as well as the deeper, blue appearing veins found on legs of varying skin tones and types. 

Ultimately, The Nd:Yag Laser Vein Treatment involves delivering pulses of light energy to the target vein which causes the blood within it to coagulate. The vessel is then destroyed and later reabsorbed by the body. Blood flow can then successfully be redirected to the deeper veins found below the skin’s surface leaving your skin more even and homogenous in appearance.