Ironing out the signs of ageing

Almost as good as a time machine.

Although we don’t possess the magic to facilitate immediate age reversal we do possess an almost magic serum to diminish all types of wrinkles.

Time-Booster by FillMed is composed of the powerful age-defying ingredients retinol, beta carotene and hyaluronic acid that reduce unwanted fine lines and smooth the skin. This is how they work: 


  • 3% retinol- smoothes wrinkles
  • 4% galacto-alfa- retinol like


  • Beta carotene + Tocopherol- preserves retinol


  • 5% aloe vera + hyaluronic acid- soothes the skin

All you have to do is apply Time-Booster serum once in the evening before applying any other cream or moisturiser. This will ensure maximal absorption into the skin. You can expect to see a reduction in wrinkle depth and smoother skin in just 1-2 months. 

It’s that simple, non-invasive and, that brilliant!