An effortless skincare routine

Three things you can do daily to improve the quality of your skin

1. Drink water

Water is essential for health and life.

It comprises 45-75% of total body weight in an adult and typically a thirst sensation is triggered with a body water loss of 1-2%. This occurs when our physical and cognitive performance begin to decline. In addition to enhancing our physical and cognitive performance,  gastrointestinal, kidney and heart function also rely on a positive water balance for optimal performance.

Less well recognised, the skin contains approximately 30% water. This contributes to the plumpness, elasticity and increased resilience of our skin!

So, make sure you reach for your water bottle a few extra times today.


2. Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Taking the time to cleanse your face can often be an underrated step in a skincare routine.  By cleansing your face twice a day you can ensure clearer, cleaner, more radiant looking skin.

Using a good quality facial cleanser can also make all the difference.

Benefit Clean by Cosmedix is more than just a face wash. It is rich in antioxidants, dissolves dirt, oil and makeup while refreshing the skin and leaving it feeling soft and balanced.

It is formulated with gentle ingredients such as Grapefruit Oil and Australian Sandalwood which ensures the skin isn’t left dehydrated or stripped after impurities have been removed. It maintains the skin’s natural moisture barrier and is able to sooth even the most sensitive skin.


3. Hydrate your skin with a moisturiser

Moisturisers, if used consistently can provide our skin with a variety of benefits. They can hydrate the skin and in turn, increase skin turgor. This will make the skin appear more supple as well as smoother, more even and softer. Moisturisers also act as vehicles that allow the improved delivery of powerful ingredients into the skin including antioxidants, peptides, skin-lightening agents and anti-inflammatory agents.

We highly recommend the daily use of 5-HP Youth Cream by FillMed. This cream is suitable for normal to dry skin and is composed of global anti-ageing and moisturising properties. The Vitamin B5 improves water balance while the hydroxyproline helps stimulate collagen synthesis.

Fine lines are visibly reduced and the skin is left with a refreshed lustre.


These tips are simple, effective and can be done in the comfort of your own home!