Stubborn Pigmentation and Melasma

Combating photodamage and skin discolouration 

Pigmentation and melasma can be a common source of frustration and this skin discolouration is often challenging to combat without professional advice.

Pigmentation is commonly caused by repeated sun exposure and UV damage.

Melasma is more often a result of hormonal changes, pregnancy and certain medications however, it can also be triggered and worsened by sun damage.

In our experience, pigmentation and melasma can frequently cause a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence as it can be hard work and challenging to cover up.

Covering your skin up isn’t a long-term solution and can often be ineffective. We can help more permanently reduce the appearance of pigmentation and melasma giving your skin a silky smooth, even complexion.

We can achieve this using Laser Genesis, Limelight IPL, medical grade skincare products and peels or most successfully, a pairing of both.