About that permanent rosacea blush

Reasons for redness and how to reduce it

Do you feel like you’re constantly red in the face, unsure of why or how to make it go away?

Well, we might have a few solutions for you.

It’s unlikely you’re feeling timid all the time and more likely you have a very common skin condition called rosacea.

This is a chronic cutaneous skin condition characterised most commonly by facial flushing and erythema but can also be accompanied by oedema (swelling) and inflammation.

Rosacea most commonly affects those with fair skin and blue eyes however, is not limited to this skin type. In some people, facial flushing can start early in childhood however, symptoms of rosacea usually peak between 30-50 years of age.

Our first recommendation to combat rosacea is to avoid triggers that you notice worsen your facial flush. This can include extremes of weather, sun exposure, hot drinks, alcohol and spicy foods, just to name a few.

If this isn’t adequate in reducing your rosacea we can step in with a broad range of other effective options.

We offer LED light therapy which uses a variety of wavelengths to target your redness and rosacea at a cellular level. It successfully reduces inflammation, soothes and calms the skin leaving it more homogenous and even toned.

We also have a variety of laser modalities including Laser Genesis, ND:YAG and Limelight IPL that can target the dilated capillaries beneath the skins surface that contribute to the skins red appearance.

This technology is safe, painless and can successfully improve your rosacea!


Maybe that blush isn't so permanent afterall!