Fall is here, don’t let your skin drop with it

Keep hydrated this winter

The nights are getting cooler and long sleeves are gradually making their way back into our wardrobes.

The summer has passed and slowly with it our glows will fade, giving way to dry, rough skin.

We believe prevention is the best method to good skin and have plenty of tips on what we think is important to keep your skin protected before you start to develop the dulling effects of the new season.

With colder winds and greater incentive for hot showers the cooler months will noticeably dehydrate our skin. Consequently, when our skin becomes dry dead cells accumulate and cell turnover slows down. It is important to exfoliate regularly to cleanse these cells away and allow the skin to regenerate. After the skin is exfoliated the skincare products that are required to keep our skin moisturised will better be able to penetrate and be absorbed into the skins epidermis and deeper dermal layers.

It’s pretty simple, do to your skin as you would to your body when there’s a fresh chill and layer up!

Use our Intensive Interfuse Treatment by Skinbetter Science that contains the powerful anti-aging ingredient hyaluronic acid as well as Alto Defense Serum from Skinbetter Science which is jam packed with antioxidants. This will help plump and brighten your skin!

Ensure you use our micellar water from FillMed to pack in the extra moisture before heading to bed and rounding off your routine for the night. 

To finally complete your skincare routine, it is important not to forget to apply sunscreen during the day. This will prevent any further photodamage, dehydration and skin discolouration.


Fight the fall!