ZO SKIN HEALTH Renewal Creme 50ml - $190

ZO SKIN HEALTH Renewal Creme 50ml - $190

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Hydrator that supports hydration levels in the skin. Soothes the skin and minimises redness.


Dry skin, irritated skin


  • Complements skin’s own natural recovery process
    • Provides a natural, non-steroidal approach to calming and soothing irritated skin • Restores hydration and helps repair the skin barrier
    • Provides antioxidant protection to repair and prevent free radical damage
    • Stimulates the skin’s DNA repair mechanism

Key Ingredients

  • Ectoin, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and jojoba esters: Hydration restoration, replenishment and retention
    • Avena sativa (oat) kernel extract, epilobium angustifolium (canadian willowherb) and plankton extract: Soothe and reduce skin irritation • Vitamins C, E and ubiquinone (coenzyme-Q10): Provide antioxidant benefits
    • Retinol: Stimulates epidermal renewal, collagen production and helps even skin tone

Directions for Use

Apply to clean, dry skin. Every morning or as needed.